Locations – Future and Past

STC held its first annual conference in 1953!

In the years that followed, the STC Summit garnered a reputation for being the foremost destination for technical communicators who want to learn, network, and stay up to date on the latest industry trends.

We are currently making plans for upcoming Summits. Browse the list below to see where the Summit has been held in the past, and where we plan to hold it in the next few years.

Will you be a part of this important event by joining us this year?

2024–17-19 May in Minneapolis (Bloomington), MN

2023–14-17 May in Atlanta, GA
2022−15-18 May in Chicago (Rosemont), IL
2021−5-9 June (Fully Online, STC’s second virtual conference)
2020–17-20 May (Fully Online, STC’s first virtual conference)
2019–5-8 May in Denver, CO
2018–20-23 May in Orlando, FL
2017–7-10 May in Washington, DC (National Harbor, MD)
2016–Anaheim, CA
2015–Columbus, OH
2014–Phoenix, AZ
2013–Atlanta, GA
2012–Chicago (Rosemont), IL
2011–Sacramento, CA
2010–Dallas, TX
2009–Atlanta, GA
2008–Philadelphia, PA
2007–Minneapolis, MN
2006–Las Vegas, NV
2005–Seattle, WA
2004–Baltimore, MD
2003–Dallas, TX
2002–Nashville, TN
2001–Chicago, IL
2000–Orlando, FL
1999–Cincinnati, OH
1998–Anaheim, CA
1997–Toronto, Canada
1996–Seattle, WA
1995–Washington, DC
1994–Minneapolis, MN
1993–Dallas, TX
1992–Atlanta, GA
1991–New York, NY
1990–Santa Clara, CA
1989–Chicago, IL
1988–Philadelphia, PA
1987–Denver, CO
1986–Detroit, MI
1985–Houston, TX
1984–Seattle, WA
1983–St. Louis, MO
1982–Boston, MA
1981–Pittsburgh, PA
1980–Minneapolis, MN
1979–Los Angeles, CA
1978–Dallas, TX
1977–Chicago, IL
1976–Washington, DC
1975–Anaheim, CA
1974–St. Louis, MO
1973–Houston, TX
1972–Boston, MA
1971–San Francisco, CA
1970–Minneapolis, MN
1969–Washington, DC
1968–Los Angeles, CA
1967–Chicago, IL
1966–Fort Worth, TX
1965–New York, NY
1964–San Diego, CA
1963–Boston, MA
1962–Philadelphia, PA
1961–San Francisco, CA
1960–Chicago, IL
1959–New York, NY
1958–Washington, DC
1957–New York, NY
1956–New York, NY
1955–New York, NY