2024 Theme: Tech Comm in Action

This year’s Summit is all about interactivity – making the audience into the expert, and getting people together to learn, teach, and grow.

  • Whether high-tech enterprise solutions, or low-budget, high-performance hacks, everyone will be working together at #STCSummit2024 to provide solutions to tech comm challenges.
  • We also recognize that there are many teams that are not so well funded, which makes high-tech solutions unobtainable.
  • Neither situation is ignored at STC Summit as we explore solutions to many of the challenges we face every day in the industry.

We also want to create time and space for community building.

  • Whether you belong to a chapter, SIG, or want to chat with people interested in the same stuff you are, we have built-in time and space for many of those conversations.
    This will be an opportunity to see what other folks in the industry are working on, what they are trying to solve, what they have figured out, and for you to contribute to any or all of those conversations!