Getting the Most from the Summit


Tip #1: Plan a daily schedule

  • Stay at the conference hotel, which allows you to be close to the action all day, but also get some rest if you need it.
  • Review the program to select a first choice session, activity, or event for each available time slot.
  • Select a second choice session for each time slot. Your first choice may not be what you expected. It’s OK to leave a session if it is not what you expected.


Tip #2: Take advantage of resources

  • Introduce yourself to speakers whose sessions you really enjoyed. They’ll appreciate the positive feedback and you will make a new contact!
  • Use the website and the on-site program; excellent sources of information for all things Summit.
  • Connect with your fellow attendees via the #summit channel in Slack.
  • Visit with industry partners and sponsors. They have fun giveaways and great tool demos.


Tip #3: Network! Everyone is doing it!

Networking starters:

  • Hi! I’m (your name) from (city, state, country). Where are you from?
  • This is my first time at the Summit—how about you?
  • I’m really looking forward to (session/presenter). What else do you recommend? What session are you going to next?
  • I enjoyed meeting you and I’d love to build my network. May I connect with you afterward?


Tip #4: Follow conference etiquette

  • Know the codes and policies for conference attendees.
  • Wear your name tag where it can be seen. This will help others see and remember your name, and our security officers also appreciate it.
  • Silence your cell phone/mobile device in sessions to prevent disruption.


We look forward to seeing you at Summit!