Virtual Summit Access

Registration and Login

The STC Virtual Summit 2020 venue opened for registered attendee sign-in on 15 May. Consider this advance sign-in as if you were picking up your badge at the Summit registration desk. If you have not registered for the conference, please do so by visiting Registration. Registration will be available throughout the event. If you are registering for the conference at the last minute, we will help you facilitate the sign-in process.

You will receive login instructions and your personal credentials via email after registering online, including how to create a user account in the Virtual Summit venue. Please email with any questions or concerns about access. Only registered attendees may gain access to the venue.

Session Formats

Virtual Summit sessions will be delivered in these formats:

Broadcast Sessions: Speakers will present their sessions with moderated Q&A available. Many of our Summit speakers will be including interactive features in their sessions, such as polls and interactive visuals. Handouts and other resources may be available for download.

On-Demand Sessions: These sessions are recorded in advance and available at any time. Note that you will have access to some on-demand sessions during the preview days before the Summit.

Once a live session has ended, it will be converted to an on-demand session and become available in the Virtual Summit venue, along with a transcript of the session and associated resources.

Summit attendees will have access to on-demand content through August 2020.

Accessing Sessions

Once the Summit begins on Sunday, 17 May, attendees will have access to on-demand content as well as the full conference schedule. Information about the updated schedule with be posted in early April.

When access opens to the Virtual Summit venue, we recommend that you explore the schedule, expo hall, and other site features.

Other recommendations:

  • View the welcome video on the home page or in the OnDemand section.
  • Change your password to a unique password.
  • Create an attendee profile with bio, headshot, and relevant contact information.
  • Participate in the Sunday orientation session to experience the functionality of the virtual Summit platform.
  • Review the schedule and take note of the sessions you want to attend. Use the “follow” or “add to calendar” feature to schedule reminders.
  • Use the social media features to “like” or share sessions you plan on attending.