Track Descriptions

The following tracks are planned for the 2014 Technical Communication Summit.

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Content Development & Delivery

Writing, editing, and visual communication are the technical communicator’s core competencies. Sessions in this track should present best practices for developing clear and effective communication, provide practical information on using different media to communicate information, and address issues in writing for diverse audiences. Following content design and development, delivering that content when and where needed is critical. This track also explores issues in delivering existing content, with particular emphasis on systems and solutions for organization-wide publishing.

Content Strategy & Design

Developing a comprehensive content strategy and selecting the appropriate design and architecture can improve the efficiency, usability, and quality of an organization’s technical content. This track explores issues in information design and system architectures for publishing, with particular emphasis on systems and solutions for organization-wide content strategy.

Mobile Content Design & Development

Mobile platforms, including smartphones and tablets, have transformed the delivery of information and user assistance. Responsive design, social media, and technologies to facilitate community-driven content, such as wikis, also impact our approaches. Sessions in this track will explore the underlying technologies and design principles that make mobile content delivery effective.

User Experience & Accessibility

Technical communicators often take a lead role in shaping the user experience. Social media allows technical communicators to participate in collaborative, open conversations with users. Engaging and interacting with users is easier with social networking sites and tools like Twitter, Facebook, wikis, blogs, and forums. Sessions in this track should explore techniques for delivering information in highly usable and accessible formats, evaluating the usability of documentation, products, and services, and promoting attention to user experience and accessibility at all levels within an organization.
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People & Project Management

Management of people and projects are crucial skills and logical career paths for many technical communicators. Proposals in this track should address techniques, methods, and best practices for effective management of people and projects. In addition, proposals in this track highlight important leadership and change management skill sets.

Business Management & Consulting

A focus on business management is key to the success of you, your team, and your organization. In addition, as many companies reduce internal headcount and expand their dependence on external companies, consulting businesses are growing. This track will explore critical business management knowledge areas and provide topics important to those involved in consulting and independent contracting.

Professional Development

Your career is a personal asset worthy of attention, planning, and management. Sessions in this track will help you maximize your value within an organization, identify opportunities for professional growth, and expand your career options.

Academic & Research Topics

New tools, technologies, and approaches are blurring the boundaries of technical communication, training, usability, and other fields. Sessions in this track will share research projects and their results that may highlight alternative approaches for delivering information. This track will also bring members of the academic community and industry practitioners together to share ideas and expose opportunities for synergy and collaboration.

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