Student Volunteers

Calling for 2019 Student Volunteers!


Having student volunteers is a win-win for students and for STC. Student volunteers can attend the Summit, learn aspects of technical communication beyond their college classrooms, and build their professional networks. STC receives support during the Summit registration and sessions, which improves the experience for both speakers and attendees.

Student volunteers receive complimentary registrations to the Summit. This does not include leadership program, pre-conference workshops, or certificate programs. Student volunteers must also pay for their own meals, transportation costs, and lodging.

The STC Summit has the following student volunteer positions: room monitors and registration clerks. All positions are critical to ensure a well-run conference and student volunteers are expected to fulfill their volunteer duties if selected to attend the Summit. All student volunteers will have time to attend sessions during the Summit. Students should identify at least two different positions on the application where they want to volunteer.

Students must complete the Student Volunteer Application Form to be considered for a position. The following position descriptions and the application indicate the number of people needed in each area. Applications must be completed and sent to STC’s Education Manager, Deborah Krat (, and the Student Volunteer Coordinator, Carolyn Klinger (, by 22 April 2019.

Student Volunteer Qualifications – Only STC student members are eligible.

The student volunteer must:

  • Be a current student member of STC and attend the full Summit.
  • Be reliable and able to follow instructions.
  • Be available to attend orientation meetings
  • Be able to provide his/her own transportation to/from the Summit.
  • Live near or have lodging near the Summit – preferably at the Summit hotel.

The STC 2019 Summit wouldn’t be successful without volunteers like you. Thank you to our student volunteers!