Speaker Support

Summary of Timeline

Speaker Agreement :  due ASAP

  • If you’re not sure whether you’ve submitted your Speaker Agreement, you can check with Carrie.

Register for the Summit : due ASAP

  • If you are an STC member, here. Make sure you log in after choosing your registration type.
  • If you are not an STC member email elaine.gilliam@stc.org for assistance

Verify your session time, title and description are correct and complete: Now

  • This page lists all sessions: https://summit.stc.org/full-schedule/
  • All times are given in Eastern Time.
  • We need to know if your session is scheduled for a time when you are not available.

Session Type Decision : due 16 April

Proceedings Papers : due 30 April

Headshots and bio information emailed to STC by 30 April (This is a change from the previous instruction). Headshots should be 400×400 and JPG format is preferred. 

SimuLive sessions only: due 10 May

  • Recordings (mp4)

All session types :  due 10 May

  • Slides
  • PDF of slides
  • Image file of first slide in presentation to be used for session thumbnail (png/jpg/gif)
  • Optional: Any additional resources you would like attendees to download (pdf)

Rehearsals will be held 17-24 May

Recording of Speaker Orientation: https://youtu.be/3qAd-Z3QIQc



Session types

Speakers choose which format they prefer for delivering their sessions. You can pick from one of the following formats:

  • SimuLive – Pre-record a video of your session. At scheduled time, you participate in the chat while your recording plays. This lets you interact with and answer questions from attendees, without having to worry about the speed of your internet connection. A producer helps run the session; your only responsibility during the airing is to engage in chat.  This session type was highly successful for the 2020 Summit.
  • Live – Sessions are presented live over a Zoom call. A producer helps run the session and monitors the chat. If you have any concerns about the speed or reliability of your internet connection, this session type is not the best choice.

Sessions should not exceed 45 minutes in length, including Q&A time. If you wish to continue the conversation with any attendees, there is an option to move to a discussion room. More information will be provided on this soon.

All sessions will be available on-demand following the scheduled airtime. They will remain available for as long as the Summit platform is open. The platform is currently scheduled to remain open for registrants through the end of August.

Note: On-demand videos cannot be downloaded and watched offline. They are only available for streaming.

All Presenters

You are required to attend a tech check and run-through session between 17-24 May. You will be contacted via email about these sessions.


All slides should use the 16:9 aspect ratio. In PowerPoint, this is the Widescreen slide size option.

We ask that you use the title slide from the official STC Summit 2021 PowerPoint template. ( This is a request, but not a requirement.) Download that here.

Please include the #STC21 hashtag on your slides, where appropriate.

Virtual Background

Optionally, you can use the Summit Virtual Background as the backdrop for you presentation. Download the virtual background here.

Google Drive

We are setting up a Google Drive location for each presentation and will email presenters a link to that  location by 15 April.

You will need to upload the following to your Google Drive folder by 10 May:

  • Slides source file
  • PDF of slide (pdf)
  • Image file of first slide in presentation to be used for session thumbnail (png/jpg/gif)
  • SimuLive presenters only: Video of your session (mp4)
  • Optional: Any additional resources you would like attendees to download (pdf)

File Naming Conventions

Please use the following naming conventions:

Presentation: Lastname_Session Title
PDF of Presentation: Lastname_Session Title
Thumbnail: Lastname_Session Title
Resources: Lastname_Session Title_Downloads

Feel free to abbreviate your session title and please be consistent across all files!


Banner_Design Thinking.mp4
Banner_Design Thinking.pdf
Banner_Design Thinking.png
Banner_Design Thinking_Downloads.pdf

If you have more than one presenter, please use multiple last names.


Banner_Ames_Design Thinking.mp4

SimuLive Session Presenters

If you are recording using a Webinar application (Zoom or other) you can use the standard recording settings associated with the application.

If you are recording using other software:

  • Resolution: 1080p
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

Save as an mp4 file.

Additional notes:

  • You don’t need to pretend that your SimuLive session is really live. It will be clear it’s not, and we’re not trying to fool the attendees. You may want to mention up front that you’ll be participating live in the chat during the initial airtime, and encourage attendees to ask you questions there.
  • Q&A for a SimuLive presentation takes place in a chat panel that displays next to the video.
  • We recommend you plan to actively engage in the chat. Ask questions rather than waiting for them to be asked. You may include questions in your recording/slides, and pause to give time for chat.
  • You are strongly encouraged, though not required, to include your own video. This makes your presentation more engaging for viewers, and more closely approximates a in-person, live session.
  • Captions are not required.

TechSmith is offering all STC Summit presenters a discount off their video recording software, Camtasia, as well as Snagit and the Camtasia/Snagit bundle. Use the STCSUMMIT21 discount code. This code is good through 9 June 2021. (But your recording is due 10 May, so don’t wait until June to snag this deal.)

Live Session Presenters

Recommended aspect ratio for presenting in Zoom webinar: 16:9

To deter technical difficulties, make sure you have a fast internet connection for the day of your session, a good web cam, and a headset.

TIP! For Mac only: Zoom has a bug that causes it to crash when sharing your screen AND video. (It can take up to 20 minutes before it crashes.) Turn off video before sharing your screen to avoid the bug.

Virtual Presentation Tips

  • Use 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • If you can, borrow or invest in a web cam; you’ll look better than you would if you just used the built-in camera.
  • Use a headset, either Bluetooth or wired.

Tips for Presenting Live from Matt Reiner

Recording SimuLive Session in Zoom

From STC Session Speaker Bill Franz:
Do NOT use Zoom’s option to optimize for video. This can improve the quality of the video playback, but by default it also hides your own personal video. And I found if you try to optimize for video but then turn on your personal video manually, it causes some strange display behavior in the recording.

Do NOT use the Zoom recording option Place video next to the shared screen in the recording option. Well to soften this, you could use this option but then it juts out your video separately, reducing the size of your presentation and causing a lot of blank space. I did not like this layout.

Be aware that Zoom will put the video in the very top right corner of your recording, regardless of where you have it when you are doing the recording. This is actually a good thing that it sort of tucks it away for you, but I’d recommend you still keep your video in mostly the same place as you record so you know about where it is going to be.

Test it! I did I’m not sure how many short tests to make sure the video would look ok. So hit record, put your video where you want it, and just speed through your slides for a couple of seconds on each slide. Then see what the recording looks like to ensure your video isn’t covering up any material. You might find you can increase your video size from the default.

Preconference Workshop Presenters

I will work with you individually to collect all assets. You are not required to upload anything at this time.