Student Volunteer Responsibilities


This page is a general overview of the benefits, roles, and responsibilities of the student volunteers at the STC Summit. The student volunteers play important roles in assisting the STC staff and program committee with Summit logistics. Actual responsibilities may change slightly based on the requirements of a specific Summit.


Having student volunteers is a win-win for students and for STC. Student volunteers can attend the Summit, learn aspects of technical communication beyond their college classrooms, and build their professional networks. STC receives support during the Summit registration and sessions, which improves the experience for both speakers and attendees.

Student volunteers receive complimentary registrations to the Summit. This does not include pre- conference workshops, or certificate programs. Student volunteers must also pay for their own meals, transportation costs, and lodging.


Student volunteer positions include room monitors, registration clerks, and other specific tasks that may be needed. All positions are critical to ensure a well-run conference and student volunteers are expected to fulfill their volunteer duties if selected to attend the Summit. All student volunteers will have time to attend sessions during the Summit.


Students must complete the application to be considered for a position. The following descriptions and the application indicate the number of people needed in each area. Applications must be submitted by 15 April.

Student Volunteer Qualifications: Only STC student members are eligible. The student volunteer must:

  • Be a current student member of STC and attend the full
  • Be reliable and able to follow
  • Attend the virtual orientation meeting, which will be scheduled in April
  • Be available to attend meetings for daily assignments as scheduled by the student volunteer coordinator
  • Be able to provide his/her own transportation to/from the
  • Live near or have lodging near the Summit – preferably at the Summit hotel


Room Monitors-Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Student volunteers for room monitors help with the education sessions. The student volunteer coordinator facilitates the assignment of education sessions to each student in advance of the Summit.

At the Summit, the student volunteer coordinator will schedule meetings to confirm assignments for the day. Meet the coordinator at the time and place designated.

For each education session, the assigned student volunteer:

  1. Arrives 10-15 minutes before the session
  2. Makes sure the slide displayed in the room shows the correct If not, notifies the Conference Committee or STC Meeting Manager.
  3. Greets the speaker(s) and asks if they have everything they need for their
  4. Asks the speaker(s) if they need time-keeping assistance (e.g., five- or ten-minute warning before the end of the session). If the speaker needs this warning, the student volunteer must stay for the session and provide time-keeping assistance.
  5. If the speaker asks for additional audio visual equipment tell them you’ll contact the AV Find STC’s meeting manager, do not order additional equipment from AV.
  6. Encourage the speaker to remind the audience to complete the speaker evaluation
  7. Stays a few minutes to see if the room fills too fast. Contact the Conference Committee or STC meeting manager if the room is over capacity, or if there are any problems, such as audio-visual, room temperature, etc.
  8. About halfway through the session, count all attendees in the
  9. Report the number of attendees to the conference

Student volunteers are not required to stay for the sessions in their assigned rooms, but it’s highly advisable they attend those sessions as they are responsible for the room count halfway through, assisting the speakers for that session, and finding help for any technical difficulties that may occur during their assigned session.

Note: Student volunteers should review the Schedule page and request their preferences of sessions they want to attend. The Student Volunteer Coordinator will create a schedule taking these preferences into consideration as much as possible.


Student volunteers for registration stay behind the registration counters to hand out registration materials to attendees and answer questions. The STC staff assigns student volunteers to work different shifts, but you may volunteer for multiple shifts if you want.

Student volunteers for registration will report to the STC staff at the registration counter. These volunteers need to be available as early as 7:00 AM on Sunday and Monday mornings.

Registration Student Volunteer Hours: Actual hours may change

Day/Date Time Volunteers Needed
Sunday /14 May 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM 3
Sunday / 14 May 12:30 -3:30 PM 3
Sunday / 14 May 3:30-6:30 PM 4
Monday / 15 May 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM 4
Monday / 15 May 12 Noon-4:00 PM 3
Tuesday / 16 May 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM 2

Additional Tasks

There are a variety of tasks associated with specific events during the Summit. When these have been identified, help from the student volunteers will be requested. Some of the tasks include setting up awards to be handed out at the Honors Event, helping to direct award winners where they need to be, communicating with the AV team.