Networking and Social Activities

Networking and Social Activities

One of the biggest benefits of any conference is the networking. Take advantage of the time you’re around so many like-minded professionals and set a goal for yourself to meet a few new people. Here are some tips:

  • The virtual conference platform will be available at least one week in advance of the Summit. You can explore the site and find out who is attending the conference before it starts. You can also explore who’s posting about attending the summit on LinkedIn, follow the Summit account on Twitter.
  • Figure out which companies will have people attending the conference – either as speakers, attendees, or exhibitors in the Virtual Expo Hall. If you see a job post for one of these companies that you’d like to know more about, you can talk to some of their employees at the event.
  • Make a list of a few people you would like to meet and write down some questions for them. You will be able to connect with them in the virtual conference platform and see if they’ll grab a virtual cup of coffee with you!

Evening Events

The 2020 Virtual STC Summit will offer a variety of social networking opportunities within the virtual conference platform and on social media sites.

Events include:

  • Honors celebration
  • Live streamed band performances
  • Virtual Karaoke sessions
  • Immersive networking events in AltSpace VR
  • And more!