Denise Jacobs

Denise R. Jacobs is a Speaker + Author + Creativity Evangelist who speaks at conferences and consults with companies worldwide. As the Founder + CEO of The Creative Dose, she promotes techniques to unlock creativity and help people become engaged contributors, synergistic collaborators, and authentic leaders.

Infinite Possibilities

Wednesday, 24 June
11:00 AM-12:30 PM

Close out the Summit with Denise Jacobs, Creativity Evangelist, as she speaks on Infinite Possibilities. Sometimes making choices in our career paths is difficult. Wouldn’t it be useful to have guidelines to help us make decisions that open up your options rather than shut them down? In Denise’s closing keynote, discover how choosing creativity, a growth mindset, finding your Flow, and being a Maker puts you on the path of having infinite possibilities in your career, creating a clear path to a future where you will not only be awesome, but also do meaningful work

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Denise Jacobs is a speaker, author, and Creativity Evangelist who evangelizes techniques to make the creative process more fluid, methods for making work environments more conducive to creative productivity, and practices for sparking innovation. Through speaking, trainings, and writing, she shares big concepts that challenge the status quo and lead to “a-ha moments” that translate into immediate actions, skills, and new habits to transform all aspects of people’s work lives with focused creativity. She is also a regarded authority in web design and is an industry veteran with over 14 years of experience.