Frequently Asked Summit Questions

STC’s Technical Communication Summit is the premier conference for technical communication education and networking.

The conference attracts over 600 attendees and 35 exhibitors during a 3-day period and brings together like minded individuals to grow in their knowledge of the technical communication field.

People from all over the world and from all different backgrounds attend the STC Summit! And it’s not just technical writers who attend–project managers, consultants, content architects, web managers, professors, content strategists, developers, illustrators, and policy writers are just some of the many people you’ll meet at the Summit. If you’re planning to make the trip to the Summit for the first time, click here for some helpful tips for first time conference attendees.

Click here to view the registration fees, as well as what’s included with those fees. Remember, it is always less expensive to join STC and register for the Summit at the member rate than it is to register alone at the nonmember rate! Take advantage of the many benefits of STC membership while attending one very worthwhile conference.

The platform we are using for the virtual Summit is designed to offer high-quality learning experiences and networking opportunities. Education sessions and workshops will be delivered using web broadcasting software, collaboration tools, and chat features to enable interaction and conversation. Attendees will be able to ask questions and interact with presenters and other attendees.

If you are already registered for the STC Summit, you will be automatically registered in the virtual Summit system. We will notify you in advance on when this registration will take place, and provide a virtual tour of the Summit experience in advance.

Sessions will be broadcast using webinar technology, and will be available within the Virtual Summit application on desktop and mobile devices. Workshop participants will need to have webcam and microphone available and enabled. Workshop participants will be contacted individually to test their system functionality.

The STC Summit is an excellent place to network and collaborate with other practitioners, students, faculty, and researchers working in technical communication. We are committed to making sure that first-time attendees are informed and welcomed into the STC Summit community. We will host special events for first-time attendees in the virtual space just as we would in-person! Note that this is the first time the STC Summit is being held in a fully virtual format, so in essence, we are all First Timers!

Detailed instructions will be sent to all registered attendees on 15 May.

All cancellation and refund requests must be submitted via email. Cancellations for the virtual Summit received prior to 1 May 2020 will be refunded. Cancellation requests made on or after 1 May 2020 will not be refunded. Registrations are transferable to another person, with a $50 fee. Requests to transfer must be received via email by 1 May 2020. No-shows will not be issued a refund. No phone calls for cancellations and transfers, please. Rates are subject to change without notification.

Take a few moments to review the Navigating the Summit page.
Attend the first-timers’ session to make connections with other first-time attendees and get advice from seasoned pros.
One of the biggest benefits of the conference is the networking. Take advantage of the time you’re around so many like-minded professionals and set a goal for yourself to meet a few new people. Here are some tips:
• Find out who is attending the virtual conference before you log on. See who’s posting about attending the summit on LinkedIn, follow the @STCSummit account on Twitter, and review the list of speakers.
• Figure out which companies will have people attending the virtual conference – either as speakers, attendees, or vendors in the expo hall. If you see a job post for one of these companies that you’d like to know more about, you can talk to some of their employees at the virtual social event.
• Make a list of a few people you would like to meet and write down some questions for them. If you can find contact information, email them before the conference and see if they’ll meet you for a virtual cup of coffee!

There’s a ton of great information here – listen and take notes! Learn the virtual tools available in the conference app to engage more closely with the speaker. If you have a question during a talk, make a note of it and use it as a conversation starter with the speaker.
After or during a talk, feel free to tweet about it with the hashtag #stc20 so others can learn from the sessions they couldn’t make while they were attending others.

Contact the main STC office at +1 (703) 522-4114 or email and we will gladly add any of these to your original registration.

The 2020 Summit in Bellevue, WA, is now a virtual event due to COVID-19 advisories. We will publish additional advisories as new information becomes available on our blog.