Using Warehouse Files to Improve the Overall Findability of Your DITA Content

Can a comprehensive index be created in a modern DITA XML publishing environment made up of hundreds of tiny files? And how can an editor and indexer be incorporated into the DITA environment for better consistency and findability of content?

For your content to be found, you need to ensure your content is indexed and consistent across all deliverables and channels. This means taking advantage of structured metadata and keyword research and the application of consistent terms to boost the findability.

This presentation will show one company’s use of warehouse files to bring consistency to index terms and their application to a body of content—a series of published reference books. Learn how a good editing/indexing team, who adopts the same strategies and techniques used by authors, working in modern DITA XML dynamic publishing environments, bring new and improved value, consistency, and efficiency to content findability.

June 9 @ 15:30

Liz Fraley