Using DITA XML to Deliver Content Dynamically to Support AI and XR

KONE utilizes artificial intelligence to make elevator and escalator services intelligent. With real-time data directly from the equipment, the need for maintenance can be better predicted. When the AI notices something out of the ordinary, maintenance technicians are called to the site to check the equipment. To support the work of technicians, KONE creates highly modular and reusable DITA XML content that is delivered dynamically to the technicians’ mobile device so that they get the information they need.

KONE has also been testing new ways of delivering the instructions. As elevator and escalator service is hands-busy type of work, it is often not possible for the maintenance technician to hold a mobile device to check instructions. Smart glasses offer a new way of delivering that information so that you can keep working with your hands.

DITA XML has proven to be an excellent format of delivering information to maintenance technicians with different skill levels. This session will show you that good, structured content and metadata are the key enablers for intelligent content.

June 8 @ 09:00

Hanna Heinonen