Tools Be Damned! Full Speed Ahead

Every. Single. Vendor. Loves. Their. Tools… But as users, what are we to do? What to pick? Word? Oxygen? XMetaL? Excel? PowerPoint? InDesign? FrameMaker? easyDITA? AEM? What do we deliver? PDF? HTML5? Mobile apps?

This live session (yes, this session has virtually NO slideshow) explores numerous ways to create content. Forget the tools. Let’s work with best practices, become vendor agnostic, and when it’s time to migrate from one tool to another, to share the content with others, to ask for input from the entire organization (and from customers), let’s just say, “Tools be damned,” and move ahead on content.

Through best practices we can break free of any ONE vendor and use the right vendors for the services that we need. When it’s time to move from your legacy provider to a new one, migrate content as quickly and as easily as possible.

June 7 @ 10:00

Bernard Aschwanden