Is It Kosher to Use Kosher? Religious Terminology and the Story of Faithforce

Faith is a tricky topic in our documentation and internal company communications. When does using religious and cultural terminology become appropriation? How should we address religious holidays in our newsletters and meetings? How should leaders address faith-related news events in internal or external communications? In this session, you’ll learn how Salesforce created Faithforce, their interfaith and belief employee resource group that became the fastest growing ERG in company history. Sue Warnke, Sr. Director of Content Experience and former Global Communications Chair for Faithforce, will share how to honor this aspect of diversity for employees and customers, while still respecting the sensitivities with addressing faith in the workplace. She’ll cover: * How to manage religious terminology in your documentation and communications * How to respond after faith-related news events occur * How to reference and make space for faith-related holidays * How to start a faith inclusion group at your company.
May 17 @ 09:45

Sue Warnke