The Impact of Personalized Content on Your Business

Personalization can take on many different forms. At its most simplistic, personalization can be static content that acknowledges the target user. Made slightly more complex, personalization is a form of dynamic content, substituting in information such as a person’s name, gender identity, or other information the person has previously provided. Going even further, targeted personalization can take passive information, such as location or integrated data (think Fitbit) and make recommendations.

Regardless of the level you implement, a personalized experience is critical to having a modern business strategy. In this talk we’ll explore how to make personalization happen at scale. Using examples from healthcare (a particularly complex industry!) we’ll review how to connect the business strategy to the right level of personalization, how to overcome technical challenges, and how to measure the success of personalized content.

May 17 @ 13:30

Marli Mesibov