Teaching with Google Workspace Platforms

Collaborative projects are a main feature in technical communication. But with adjustments for social distancing, educators and professionals were forced to adopt new collaborative processes. Contact mitigation strategies have made it difficult to rely on established practices for teamwork in classrooms and workplaces.

In many situations, technical-communication learning moved online or incorporated restrictive social distance guidelines when face-to-face. Yet, the scope of these challenges has created opportunities to innovate. Taking inspiration from design-thinking and agile methods, we have developed classroom activities that encourage students to test, explore, design, and refine projects using online collaborative tools. These design stages and tasks we mapped to tools and features in Google Workspace. This enables formative feedback, version control, and online collaborative workflows in socially distanced classrooms and workspaces. By focusing on how to use these tools, we have been able to facilitate successful collaboration and seek to share these means with others.

June 8 @ 11:00

Bremen Vance, Philip B. Gallagher