Spinning Words into Gold: Helping Others Recognize Your Value

After I was told outright that I could not get my next promotion for several years because the budget needed to go to the Developers, I spent the next four months proving my worth. In the end, I not only convinced a Dev Manager to spend his promotion budget on a technical communicator, but I landed a double promotion. If you’re not willing to take a back seat to the Developers and you’re ready to prove the value you bring to the team, or if you are just looking for ways to show the value of good technical communication, then come join my session.

In this session, attendees will learn how to prove the value they bring to the team to get the recognition they deserve. I will share tips on how to:
– Show what you really do
– Show before/after examples and comparison samples
– Use metrics to show how your deliverables help reduce support effort
– Get outside feedback to validate quality
– Not wait for that promotion…ask for–no, INSIST–on it

May 18 @ 09:45

MaryKay Grueneberg