Slack-First Help: Using Slackbots and Workflows to Connect Developers with Documentation in Slack

In enterprise companies, internal content enables developers to learn about tools and processes that can help build their products and services, and release them to production. At Salesforce, developers heavily use Slack, a messaging application for businesses, to ask questions, have discussions, and provide support. Slack is also becoming the medium to generate work through built-in workflows and bots. Salesforce’s documentation team is connecting developers to developer content in Slack using a slackbot application that directs developers to relevant content in Confluence when they post a question in a support channel. Using Slack’s Workflow Builder, internal product teams generate content-related posts with links to popular content like FAQs and create work items for content teams.

We will discuss two scenarios where the doc team has:
1. Integrated internal content with a slackbot that directs developers to relevant Confluence content.
2. Generated doc work items directly into Salesforce’s agile tool without leaving Slack.

May 17 @ 16:30

Srilakshmi Sitaraman, Vaishali Kannan