Resume Review Session

We’re excited to offer a resume review session at this year’s Summit! Experienced hiring managers will be on hand to assist attendees by reviewing their resumes and offering tips to develop a strong resume that highlights your professional experience and achievements. You’ll get 15 minutes with a hiring manager to ask questions, get advice, and hear about what that manager looks for when hiring technical communicators–which is about 14 1/2 minutes longer than most managers take to review a resume when hiring!  Our resume reviewers–Alyssa Fox, Chris Hester, Liz Herman, and Timothy Esposito–have extensive experience hiring technical communicators, UX writers, content strategists, knowledge management team members, marketers, project managers, and instructional designers. To sign up, visit the Education booth in the Summit registration area starting Monday morning, 16 May.
May 17 @ 16:30

Alyssa Fox, Chris Hester, Liz Herman, Timothy Esposito