Reshaping Your Content Analystics Aproach to Meet Your KPIs

This session presents a mixed-methods approach for collecting, analyzing, and reporting metrics for data analytics to help your team tailor research best practices to the realities of your content authoring and publication environments. It presents two case studies of real-world content analytics practices from two separate software-as-a-service documentation teams, one at an enterprise cloud technology company (IBM) and one at a private data analytics company (SAS Institute). The case study from the IBM team demonstrates how a team can apply design-thinking practices to prioritize research questions and methods to align against key performance indicators (KPIs) that matter to the business, as well as to gather the right data that can inform how to make content changes that matter to end users. The SAS case study shows how, after research questions are determined, they can focus the analysis of data around identifying the needs of the real-time audience in ways that lead to meaningful content change through inter-organizational collaboration. Together, the case studies suggest ways that your team can move from a “page-hits” mindset to an iterative, research-driven, and content-actionable approach towards data analysis.
June 8 @ 11:00

Arthur Berger, Nupoor Ranade