Pathways, Titles, and Job Skills for a Technical Communicator in Content Strategy: Academic Research Survey Results

In the summer of 2021, Roger surveyed over 100 technical communication professionals in the content strategy field about their current and previous job roles as well as the tools they use to achieve content strategy. This survey was part of the Masters of Science in Technical and Professional Communication final research project for the University of Wisconsin-Stout. In the survey, Roger assesses the field and finds some unique perspectives that can guide the field of technical communication and content strategy for the future, which can affect the job market and “tools of the trade” to empower you to make the next step in your career or change how you teach or mentor in the field.

While the survey and project was done in a purely academic setting, Roger will make this a practical session where professionals and academics can understand the outlook for technical communicators.

May 17 @ 14:45

Roger Renteria