FEATURED SPEAKER SESSION: Pandemics, Public Health, and Strategies for Conveying Information About Risk

Without question, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the ways that we live, work, and play. Moving forward, as vaccination rates increase and we look forward to (hopefully) resuming some semblance of normality in our daily lives, this session will reflect on the importance of conveying risk information in particular ways to both the public and specific audiences, as well as the kinds of strategies that might be used should we face a similar situation in the future.

This session features two speakers who will: describe the ways that lay audiences perceive and assess health-related risks; explain how messages were developed and tailored for specific audiences; and offer guidelines that technical communicators can draw from in considering how they might present risk information to lay audiences.

June 8 @ 14:00

Candice A. Welhausen, David Caruso