Once Upon a Time in Metrics: Using Storytelling to Create New Knowledge with Data

Tables. Graphs. Pie charts. Data points. BORING.

How often are we inundated with data that seems to only makes sense to presenter, all the while not hitting the mark of what the audience really cares about? How often have YOU felt that you were doing the same, losing the audience along the way and, more importantly, the message you’re trying to convey?

Enter the power of storytelling and data visualization. This skill is crossing over to today’s technical communicator and instructional designer and is becoming more in demand than ever before. Through this session you will be inspired to apply storytelling and imagery to data presentations and work with resources to help begin reinventing your metrics to convey a narrative. Bring your data and an open mind and be ready to tell your story!

May 16 @ 14:45

Elizabeth Raichle Wolfe