Low-Cost and Low-Effort Ways to Create Infographics and Visually Appealing Slides

Many clients and employers are ramping up expectations for slide design, and many are requesting infographics. Are you ready to move past words in a Word document to presenting the words in a more visually appealing manner in PowerPoint or PDF?

Many people still think you need to be a graphic designer to create infographics or that the best design they can manage is a built-in PowerPoint template or some SmartArt. While you can do some graphic design work in PowerPoint, and you can certainly make SmartArt smarter and more attractive, there are many other applications you can use to create visually appealing materials, such as Canva. While it does help to have or to develop an eye for design, just exposing yourself to new ideas and good design can go a long way. Come to this session for resources and ideas for how to get started!

June 8 @ 10:00

Kelly Schrank