PRECONFERENCE WORKSHOP: Leveraging Who You Are and What You Know: Launching Your Side Hustle

Have you thought about creating a side hustle? Do you want a secondary income stream? Technical communication practitioners bring a special mindset and skill set to their employers. However, many of us have the desire to see what it’s like to create our own niche business, often in addition to our day-to-day work. This workshop provides attendees with the tools to determine their skills, interests, and passion in identifying an attractive side hustle. You’ll learn the key considerations and steps you should take towards creating an appropriate side hustle. Presenters will share their personal experiences from their own side hustles (and a new joint venture!) to spur discussion and ideas throughout the session. You will also begin creating your action plan (roadmap) to help you begin your own side hustle journey.
May 15 @ 13:00

Ben Woelk, Jennifer Goode