Leading a Content Strategy in Small to Medium Enterprises

Convincing the administration in a small-medium business is just as hard as for the bigger businesses. You need a strong case, but how do you get through? You will after this session. You will learn what is the lean approach. You will learn how to see signs your company is ready for a content strategy. You will learn what kind of strategy you need.

When it comes to content strategy, *cost* is king.
• You will learn the value of your content and see a few references.
• There are signs your company is ready for a content strategy. If your company has 1 resource dedicated to marketing, that’s one sign…

Traditionally, companies have front-end content strategies. In small-medium businesses, you can do better, easier: a global strategy. If you’re not doing a global content strategy, you’re already behind the other small-medium businesses.

In this session, you will learn what is a global content strategy, their outlines, how to use it in your one-pager for the administration. You will see examples of visuals, such as mind mapping tools, or non-tools.

This session will also draw on DITA Metrics 101 and metrics you already have and see every day to determine how to get there with the means and resources of a SME.

May 17 @ 13:30

Johanne Lavallee