Kelsey & Ben’s Excellent Adventure: A Mentoring Story

Kelsey and Ben will share the excellent adventure that is their mentoring story, from a chance conversation on LinkedIn about a job search to a structured mutually-beneficial mentoring partnership. Along the way, we’ll jump back into the history of our mentoring journey and talk about the opportunities we found to work together, the value we both brought to the engagement, and where we are today. Key jumps along the journey including authoring for Intercom, championing neurodiversity, launching a podcast, identifying key growth opportunities, and building a mentoring curriculum.

We’ll have a discussion about what’s worked and what hasn’t, and what we consider to be our most excellent adventures. We’ll provide attendees with a mentoring framework and suggestions for finding and partnering with an appropriate mentor and mentee.

June 7 @ 11:00

Ben Woelk, Kelsey Loftin