Keeping Score: Advance Your Career by Tracking Personal KPIs

Are you ready to advance your career, but unsure of how to start? There are several strategies for advancing your career, but using personal key performance indicators (KPIs) is a unique strategy that can help you fast track your career. In business, you must be able to continually prove your value and proactively communicate that value with key managers and stakeholders—you can’t assume your manager will know your accomplishments.

Join this interactive session where you’ll learn how to systematically track your professional activities using five unique resources, translate your activities into personal KPIs targeted directly to your stakeholders, and convey your personal value to organizational leaders using KPIs and targeted communication strategies.

During this session, you’ll also track your own professional activities from a previous month, translate them into personal KPIs, link your KPIs to personal value, and create a communication plan to support your advancing career.

May 17 @ 16:30

Jennifer Goode