INNOVATION HUB: The Chicago Manual of Style for PerfectIt: How to Edit Technical Documents for Chicago Style Faster and Better

Presented by The Chicago Manual of Style

Do you use The Chicago Manual of Style when writing or editing technical documents? If so, chances are you spend a lot of time looking things up. If you’re looking for a way to work more efficiently, this is the session for you. The Manual is now in proofreading software, offering a faster and easier way to check for Chicago Style. But how does CMOS for PerfectIt work? And what are its limitations? The Chicago Manual of Style is the most renowned style manual for technical writers globally. This session, fittingly held in Chicago, introduces the exciting integration with proofreading technology. See the new tool in action and learn how and when to apply it. CMOS for PerfectIt runs in MS Word and is free to subscribers to CMOS Online and PerfectIt Whether you use PerfectIt already or are brand new to the idea, this session is the perfect introduction.

May 17 @ 14:45