INNOVATION HUB: Integrated End-to-End Product Lifecycles Enabled by Semantic AI

Presented by Pool Party

Comprehensive development and manufacturing projects requires the integration of heterogeneous information sources for increasingly data-driven business processes. Technical documentation, product information systems, and ad hoc information form an important data and decision-making basis for product lifecycle management.

Business requirements are often very heterogeneous. For mission-critical infrastructures and devices, typically operated on a long-term basis, rapid access to information must be ensured while operators and field technicians must respond to situations as they arise within minutes. To this end, manufacturers and service providers are increasingly extending their knowledge bases to their customers’ domains, increasing the need for cross-enterprise integration.

This talk will show how Knowledge Graphs are used for interoperable platforms based on open standards. Different stakeholders such as taxonomists, knowledge architects, design and field engineers, and customers, as well as NLP and AI experts, benefit from a common understanding of vocabulary, entities, and contextual information, enabling and supporting new operational and business models.

May 16 @ 11:00

Pool Party