Information Architecture? In My Content?: What You Need to Know About IA

For a practice that is about “making the complex clear,” information architecture (IA) remains notoriously hard to define. What is IA and why should technical communicators care?

As it turns out, IA provides the structure you need to prepare your content to be found and understood by not only your users, but also search crawlers and machine-learning algorithms.

Technology is driving change to how we structure content. Your organization will need to adapt. However, the move toward structured content does not need to begin as an enterprise-wide endeavor. IA provides methods and tools that can help technical communicators improve their content today, while better preparing their content for tomorrow’s emerging technologies.

We use concrete examples and a real-world case study to illustrate the benefits IA can bring to content creation.

June 8 @ 09:00

Josh Anderson, Peihong Zhu