Inclusive and User-Centered Design: A Case of the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Inclusive and user-centered design are critical issues in technical communication. User-centered design (UCD) is a methodology that involves users of a product in the design process in order for designs to be usable and accessible to the target users. Inclusive is giving equal access to resources to people who are marginalized, disable, or minority groups. One of the roles of the technical communicator is to be the users’ advocate, and as such, we advocate for user-friendly designs. Recent scholarships on user-centered design and inclusivity in technical communication have looked at how producers of technical products can incorporate these concepts into the design process. This presentation will look at how inclusive and user-centered design manifests in products that contribute to social justice. In other words, how can designs reflect social justice and inclusivity? In this presentation, I will use the Xbox Adaptive Controller by Microsoft as a case study.
May 16 @ 11:00

Dorcas A. Anabire