Improve Customer Experience: Journey of Evolving to a New Help System

You want to modernize the product help. The help must ensure an improved customer experience, must be secure, flexible, and easy to integrate with other products in your organization.

It is a journey where the product evolves to a new user-friendly help system using a planned process. Where do you begin? What are the steps? How can the new help be successfully rolled out?

Here is a snippet into how the process works:
• Decide the approach, the pitch, and get a buy-in from stakeholders
• Get early feedback from your customers
• Build, integrate, and test the help
• Go live

An integral part of this journey is constant collaboration with the stakeholders and teams for the required assistance and to ensure that the effort remains on track. Your skills and the relations that you establish go a long way in this initiative.

Attend this session to know how as a technical communicator you can spearhead the effort of modernizing the help. Learn about the journey along with a real-life example on how Veritas Technologies LLC achieved this transformation by using a new internally developed help system.

May 17 @ 14:45

Rachana Sanjiv Chitre