Don’t Panic: How to Manage Scope Creep and Unresponsive SMEs

You’re a technical writer—or you manage a team of, say, learning and development specialists. Your manager asks you to complete a project by a certain date, and you happily agree to do so. A few days in, you discover that you’re going to need to spend more time researching one topic, but that time wasn’t accounted for in the deadline you agreed to.

Or (and/or!) you’re a week away from deadline and one or more of your SMEs still haven’t responded to your requests for information. Or they’ve responded, but poorly. You know that even if you do get all the information you need by this afternoon, you’re still going to have to work overtime for the next week (and weekend!) to complete your deliverables.

Sound familiar? If so, this is the workshop for you. Learn how to bring more transparency, clarity, and accountability to the projects you and/or your team take on. We’ll discuss how to set clear boundaries and communicate effectively with your SMEs and stakeholders, and share some supporting materials and best practices to help keep you and your projects stress-free.

June 8 @ 15:00

Yesica Mirambeaux