Designing a Trustworthy Live Commerce Experience: Opportunities for Content Designers & Technical Communicators

This talk introduces the new trend of live stream commerce that is rapidly emerging in U.S., following its booming development in China, India, Thailand, Brazil, and other countries. In comparison with HSN, QVC, traditional e-commerce, live stream commerce excels in the following three areas: backed by data analytics, augmented with social shopping experience, and enhanced with swift trust between buyers and sellers. After reviewing its development and features, we will present a case to illustrate how technical content is effectively presented to target audiences during live stream events. We will demonstrate how live commerce shortens the last mile and converts live stream viewers into happy and future returning shoppers. The analysis will highlight the specific concerns and needs of customers, which helps technical communicators identify and develop strategies to create content to meet their needs.
May 16 @ 09:45

Huatong Sun, Xiaoli Li