Delivering Relevant Content Across the Tech Buyer’s Journey

If you’re a buyer looking for technical specifications but receive a promotional marketing datasheet, chances are you’ll slate that vendor as a marketing fluff company, and your search will continue. A poorly planned buyer journey can rapidly deter a potential customer. Now more than ever, tech buyers rely on content to navigate purchasing decisions to address business needs. Navigating the tech buyer’s journey and understanding the importance of content intersection within each of the purchasing decision phases is pivotal for any business’s success.

We’ll deep dive into the tech buyer’s journey, understand the various buyer personas and typical content consumed, and discuss content development strategies that align to the tech buying decision process. In addition, we will look at business content mediums showing exponential growth. Attendee goals for this session include:

– Understanding the tech buyer’s journey and personas
– Aligning content development strategies to the tech buyer’s journey
– Gaining awareness of business content mediums and alignment for a positive ROI

May 18 @ 09:45

Nori de Jesus