Convergence in B2C Video: Integrating Tech Comm and Marcomm for Strategic Purposes

Technical communication (tech comm) and marketing communications (marcomm) are converging in business-to-consumer (B2C) contexts. In this session, we’ll examine how the Home Depot deploys tech comm and marcomm in their social media video content, examining both form and function.

Each company produces videos that (a) function primarily as marcomm but also incorporate elements of tech comm, and (b) function primarily as tech comm but also incorporate marcomm conventions. Although this kind of convergence in B2C content is fairly common in the home-improvement industry, until recently such practices have been haphazard. Also, because prior attempts at convergence were not strategic or systematic, videos have been limited in scope of application across the customer lifecycle. Videos that serve primarily marcomm functions, even if they integrate tech comm in some way, have been used only in presale contexts; and videos created for technical or instructional purposes, even if they include marcomm content, have been limited to post-sale utility.

We proffer a heuristic for convergent videos by adopting a deliberate, consistent, and strategic approach—one that employs tactical technical communication—and cite beneficial reasons for doing so.

June 9 @ 11:00

Brandon Strubberg, Chase Mitchell