Content Governance: For Good and for Growth

Content work is rooted in process: we plan, create, and deliver content, measure the results, and then plan, create, and deliver again. For some teams, the process is consistent with high-quality results, consistently. For other teams, it’s the opposite: a small change can have a long-term impact.
Content governance is essential to the content process. Join this session to learn how a governance framework can impact a content team’s performance and results. I’ll share lessons learned from previous projects as I walk through the elements that make up a content governance framework and examples of governance deliverables. I’ll also provide tips for getting started on a framework for your team and implementing governance as a structure that enables work, not as a set of work rules.
This session is for content strategists, managers, and cross-functional stakeholders who face the complexities of content projects and want to help their teams succeed at getting the right work done at the right time.
May 17 @ 08:30

Chris Hester