Building and Sustaining a Career in Technical Communication

Want to learn what it takes to work—and thrive—in your career? We’ve got a presentation for that! Come hear about strategies and approaches that have helped guide a 45-year career that even a pandemic can’t slow down.

The presenter, John Garison, has worked for companies large and small, climbed the ladder from noob to Director, run a training and conference company, freelanced, and taught as an adjunct techcomm instructor at a couple of colleges. Today, he works remotely from rural Vermont as Lead Technical Content Strategist for a software company in NYC.

This session shares observations and techniques that can help you plan for a long, successful, and happy career: how to get hired by great companies, how to increase your value to your employer, and how to work as part of high-functioning teams.

June 9 @ 11:00

John Garison