Bridging Products, Portals, and Content Gaps with Learning Maps

How can you help your customers locate the information they need, without forcing them to trudge through multiple portals or invent the world’s wittiest Google searches? And how can you keep them from being overwhelmed by a mountain of irrelevant information? Learning maps are single-page web apps that bridge the gaps between separate portals or products. They can help you curate an interactive multimedia experience that integrates training courses, videos, and traditional help topics to guide customers on a learning journey. Whether you’re linking to resources outside your company, to acquisitions or child companies, or to multiple content portals within your organization, a learning map can help you bridge the gaps that cause customers to fall through the cracks. In this session, we’ll introduce you to how Salesforce uses learning maps, explore content strategies for learning maps, and talk about the technology they rely on.
June 9 @ 09:00

Erin Wagner Tidwell, Tyrin Avery