Blueprint Solutions: Extend Platform Functionality and Make a Strategic Business Impact

In enterprise software, developers and partners integrate native platform features with third-party tools to solve business problems. Blueprints support our developers and partners by providing a solution roadmap supported with deep links, code samples, and templatized artifacts.

Genesys accepts blueprint content and artifacts from our entire partner ecosystem. We use a docs-as-code approach to cross-publish our blueprint solutions in the Genesys AppFoundry, Genesys Cloud Developer Center, and GitHub.

The “Facebook IVR Call Deflection” blueprint is an example of a solution that extends our strategic partnership with Facebook. This solution, supported by its accompanying blueprint, is expected to net over $5 Million dollars for Genesys within the next 12 months.

I lead a team of technical writers that contributes to the blueprint solutions as project managers, editors, and standards keepers. I offer a glimpse into the future of technical writing where a thoughtful renewal of traditional tech writing skills is paired with an open spirit of collaboration and purposeful innovation.

May 17 @ 13:30

Danna Shirley