Architecting and Operating an Enterprise Content Supply Chain

Content silos are normal, natural, and unavoidable. They aren’t going away—but they can be bridged with patterns and orchestration. Instead of centralizing content acquisition, we need to plan for a future in which content can move across channels and through supply chains in a fluid manner. We work with clients to develop novel architectures for these content supply chains. However, this process requires smooth transformations from point to point along the chain. Content acquisition, management, and delivery systems lose value without fluid content transformation. So, how do we get content moving independent of systems and platforms? Learn the architectural patterns that make next-generation, integrated content supply chains feasible. Building a modular, decoupled information system is not an isolated project. Systems fail without people and process integration, as well as change management. Learn about the organizational and process patterns that allow companies to operate these supply chains across multiple content sets, contributors, and platforms.
June 7 @ 15:00

Bill Burns, Kit Brown-Hoekstra