Adobe Photoshop’s Data-Driven Images

Adobe Photoshop has in it an obscure bit of functionality that’s rarely exploited, but should be—especially by technical communicators. Photoshop allows you to set layers as variables, then drive the appearance of those layers based on settings in a separate text file. You can alter pixel layers, change text, and turn layers on and off, then generate dozens of different unique final images based on those variables without ever touching the Photoshop file.

You might have tried this and not gotten far, or not seen the value of the functionality, but data-driven images can be a powerful tool in your toolbox. The customization allows for the mass production of complex images such as advertising collateral, or nuanced customization needed for translations.

This session includes simple templates so participants can see and use the functionality as it is described.

June 8 @ 16:00

Ray Davis