A New Hope in Scope

With ever-changing product and project scope in product releases, setting the scope grows beyond the effort to define and control what’s in or out of a project. Scoping is now the means of prioritizing and negotiating your deliverables and keeping transparency to all stakeholders.

The Information Experience department at VMware has developed a tool in Confluence that provides end-to-end estimates of the workload for documentation projects. The Confluence plug-in that we use for the tool allows custom designs, based on the logic you need to apply for your scoping needs. We use parametric estimates in hours that factor in the quantity of tasks, a weight based on the complexity of the feature or technology, and the number of review rounds. You get an estimate by writer, number of tasks, and business days that you need to complete the work. Data collected by the tool can be used for reporting, historical analysis, and team load calibration. Just-in-time parametric estimating solves common problems with estimates being frontloaded for the entire project, such as buffering, hidden risks, and a schedule in which no one really believes. The tool in Confluence is as easy to use as the usual tool of choice, Excel, but enables integration with Jira and transparency. You can export data in Excel if needed.

Join this session to learn how the team developed the tool, how it works, and how you can implement it in your own work.

June 9 @ 09:00

Ralitsa Tsoneva, Vladimir Petrov