2019 Honors Event Speaker

Gabby Pascuzzi

" I'm a people person with a passion for making complex ideas easy to understand. I want to tell stories that help a layperson see the tech industry as accessible, rather than elusive and intimidating." - Gabriela Pascuzzi

We don’t always see technical communicators in popular culture, much less reality TV. That’s why it’s exciting that this year’s “Survivor” features a technical communicator: Gabriela (Gabby) Pascuzzi!

For Gabby, being on the 37th season of the long-running outdoor survival reality show is an opportunity to use her tech comm skills to “maneuver the social and strategic mechanics of the game.” Gabby has “survived challenges both physical and mental: from a cyclone hitting the island, to living with and attempting to outlast 19 people from different walks of life.