Tracks and Topic Ideas

The following topics will be explored at the Summit.

The showcase for
Technical Communication

Talks at the STC Summit will showcase the following areas: Content Design and Delivery; Tools and Technologies; Training Development and Delivery; Project Management, Leadership, and Career Development. For the types and levels of sessions offered, see Session Types and Audience Experience Levels.

Content Design and Delivery

Aiessa Moyna, Track Manager

Sessions targeted at technical communication professionals, students, and educators, encompassing the creation, design, refinement and delivery of content, regardless of medium.

Possible topics include:

  • Content strategy
  • Writing and editing
  • Visual design and layout
  • Illustration, graphics and photography
  • Video/film production
  • Podcasting/audio production
  • Usability and user experience
  • Web/mobile/digital design
  • Translation, internationalization and localization
  • Style guides
  • Plain language
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Indexing
  • Results of academic research on topics in this track

Tools and Technologies

Alan Houser, Track Manager

Presentations and demonstrations of tools and technologies that you use to develop or improve your information deliverables, as well as techniques and approaches for working with and documenting new technologies.

Possible topics include:

  • New ways to deliver user assistance
  • API documentation
  • Structured authoring, markup languages, DITA, Markdown
  • Integrating documentation into development workflows (docs as code)
  • Adapting content to chatbots and voice applications
  • Documenting “smart” objects and workflows (Internet of Things, Information 4.0)
  • Demonstrations of tools that you find invaluable in your work
  • Results of academic research on topics in this track

Training Development and Delivery

Kevin Siegel, Track Manager

Sessions on the training industry as a whole including synchronous onsite and online classes and the creation of effective eLearning. Presentations cover the tools, tactics, strategies, and techniques needed to deliver robust courses that enhance the learner experience no matter the pedagogy.

Possible topics include:

  • Learner retention
  • eLearning Techniques and tools
  • Teaching Live, Online Classes: Tactics
  • Effective Online PowerPoints
  • Writing Training Documentation
  • Writing eLearning Scripts
  • Creating eLearning Storyboards
  • Creating eLearning Voiceover Scripts
  • Online Training Platforms and LMSs
  • Preparing Traditional Classroom Materials for Use in an Online Class
  • Results of academic research on topics in this track

Project Management, Leadership, and Career Development

Cindy Currie, Track Manager

Sessions targeted at project delivery professionals working the spectrum of approaches – from predictive (or waterfall) to cutting edge Agile methodologies; those in or wanting to move into management and other leadership roles, and ways to set personal career goals and create a plan that you can achieve.
Possible topics include:

Possible topics include:

  • Nuts and bolts of managing projects (all types!)
  • Advanced project management techniques (traditional and Agile)
  • Emerging trends and practices in project management
  • Transitioning to working in an Agile environment – how-to case studies, how work is different, and how you managed the change for yourself, or team, or your organization.
  • Agile project management – how it differs from traditional project management and the role of the Agile Project Manager.
  • Leading teams and team building
  • Breaking into management/Changing or expanding your career – how-to case studies
  • Emerging trends and practices in management and leadership
  • Personal career planning and management
  • Industry certifications – what you could pursue to help achieve your career goals.
  • Results of academic research on topics in this track