Honors Event Keynote: Andy Hines

Honors Event Keynote: Andy Hines
Avoiding Surprise: Anticipating Potential Disruptors on the Horizon
Wednesday, 23 May
11:15 AM-1:00 PM

We didn’t see that coming! Too often, we are surprised by change that we should have seen coming. In this interactive session, we’ll explore a dozen potential disruptors that may influence technical communication in the future. Participants will have a chance to rank their possible impacts and identify potential responses. They will come away from the session more prepared to face and influence their personal and organizational futures.



Dr. Andy Hines is Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator for the University of Houston’s Graduate Program in Foresight and is also speaking, workshopping, and consulting through his firm Hinesight. His 25+ years of professional futurist experience includes a decade’s experience working inside first the Kellogg Company and later Dow Chemical, and consulting work with Coates & Jarratt, Inc. and Social Technologies/Innovaro. His books include Thinking about the Future (2nd edition), Teaching about the Future, ConsumerShift: How Changing Values Are Reshaping the Consumer Landscape, 2025: Science and Technology Reshapes US and Global Society, and his dissertation was “The Role of an Organizational Futurist in Integrating Foresight into Organizations.”