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STC Officer Candidate Recommendation Form

  • Are you interested in running for Society office in 2016, or do you know someone who you think would make a good member of the Board of Directors or the Nominating Committee? Nominate them below.

    At their May 2014 meeting, the STC Board of Directors voted to adjust the qualification criteria for candidates for the Board and the Nominating Committee. With the vote, they dropped the requirement that candidates be Senior Members of the Society, which previously meant that candidates had to have five consecutive years of membership. Now, any member with at least one full year of membership is eligible to run (though the Nominating Committee looks at many other qualifications beyond years of membership in selecting candidates).

    This year, the Nominating Committee seeks candidates for Vice President, Secretary, Director (two positions), and Nominating Committee Member (two positions). You can read the descriptions of the offices here.

    The deadline for nominating candidates is 31 July. After that date, the Nominating Committee will contact all potential candidates to inquire about their interest and gauge their qualifications. Just being nominated does not guarantee you a spot on the ballot.

    Check the appropriate officer box below and provide as much information as possible about the candidate (yourself or the person you're nominating). While you may remain anonymous when nominating someone else, we invite you to include your name in the comments section if you'd like.
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