The Hyatt Regency offers a limited number of accessible rooms. If you need one of these rooms call the Hyatt directly at +1 (602) 252-1234, ask for the reservations manager or front desk manager. Be sure to tell them you are coming for STC’s Summit.

Phoenix Convention Center attendees will encounter the friendly Venue Host staff waiting to lend a hand with directions and information. The ADA-compliant facility provides accessible restrooms, walkways, ramps and elevators throughout the building.

For attendees that need mobility assistance, there are two options:

1. Scootaround (scroll down to Rental for Hotel Delivery)
2. Downtown Phoenix CVS drugstore, 50 W. Jefferson Street, +1 (602) 296-7611. They rent only the standard wheelchair, not scooters. You will need to pick it up and return it to the store.

See Sky Harbor Airport’s special needs page for information about accessibility at the airport.

For buffet and reception events STC strives to offer options that meet everyone’s dietary requirements. For the Honors Banquet we offer a selection of entrée options that includes beef, fish, vegetarian, and Kosher. You may make your selection at the time you purchase you ticket. The Kosher option is available only for tickets purchased at least two weeks in advance of the event. If appropriate, sauces, gravy, and salad dressings will be served on the side to assist those people who need to avoid gluten. Fresh fruit is available upon request as an alternate dessert.

STC is unable to order “diabetic meals.” Due to the nature of diabetes, you will know best what you need at a specific meal time. The Hyatt has various food outlets where you can purchase anything you need as you monitor your insulin levels throughout the day. If you find yourself in an emergency situation contact the hotel front desk, an STC employee, or a security guard and we will get you the help you need.

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